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SCube is a simple, straightforward and easy to integrate solution that brings RFID stock-taking capabilities to your existing systems. It can be integrated seamlessly and rapidly into existing Point of Sales or Inventory Management System.

SCube Standard Edition
Print Direct from your existing system
  • Fits into your existing system, minimal change required.

  • No label re-design effort required. We will configure the printout to look like your current labels.

  • No RFID printer hardware knowledge required.

  • To print, just send a print request to our middleware.

Create RFID labels easily
  • Automatic encoding of RFID.

  • Automatic association with the item and barcode it is created for.

  • No prior RFID knowledge required.

  • No additional programming or software development needed. All RFID related functionalities are pre-built into the solution.

Wireless Stock-take
  • Perform stock-take wirelessly with a small light RFID reader and a tablet or smartphone.

  • Find misplaced items quickly.

  • No messy cables.

  • Stock-take reports viewable from tablet or smartphone.

  • Reports are also sent back wirelessly to the backend server for existing systems to retrieve.

Minimal Integration Time
  • Minimal time needed to integrate into existing systems.

  • Ready to use mobile apps.

  • No system interfacing to hardware required.

SCube Online Edition

RFID Stocktake

from your Spreadsheets

  • RFID Stocktake straight from Google Sheets. You can import various types of data sources such as Excel, CSV or even simply perform manual data entry into Google Sheets. No complex system integration required!

  • Flexible table data format.

  • Use your existing UHF RFID tags or any of our RFID labels. Our RFID labels can be pre-printed with barcodes or human readable tag IDs to facilitate and simplify data entry.

  • RFID your inventory in the shortest possible time. Jump start your RFID project implementation or run a RFID pilot trial.

  • Requires a device with Android 4.03 or above, a Google Account, a D.O.Tel R900/R900S RFID Reader and active Internet connection to work. 

SCube Standard
SCube Online
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