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Industrial Handheld Mobile with UHF RFID Gun

Rugged and Ergonomic Design
  • IP54 sealing - Complete protection against dust and splashing liquids.

  • Drop test - Multiple 1.5 m drops to concrete across operating temperature range.

  • Ergonomic - Comfortable gun grip with centre of gravity carefully considered during designing to reduce fatigue from long duration usages.

Meets and exceeds applicable specifications for drop, tumble and sealing to endure the toughest conditions. Yet, it provides a comfortable grip that is specifically designed for long duration usage.

The DOTH 300U is equipped with a high performance UHF RFID module and a long read range RFID antenna. It is a field proven industrial grade device that has been used in applications such as warehouse management, retail and enterprise inventory management, construction and field support services.

3.5G WWAN Capability (HSUPA)

Delivers high broadband and voice/data performance actually anywhere in the world. Connects to most of worldwide carriers and download speed up to 7.2Mbps and upload up to 2.0Mbps.

Keypad Options

Supports Numeric, QWERTY.

Robust Memory Space

Supports 256MB RAM; up to 2GB ROM Flash.

Increased Operability

Enabled through Windows Mobile 6.5 with advanced security, a flexible development platform and improved mobile messaging.


Provides cost-effective connectivity in offices and in hot spots.

Bluetooth Interface

Offers Bluetooth functionality to connect to legacy business equipment.

A- GPS Support

Enhances startup performance and increase time-to-first-fix (TTFF) in weak areas.

High Definition VGA Display

Supports high-resolution images such as high-resolution video, photographs and documents.

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