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UHF GEN 2 RFID Bluetooth Reader

Key Features
  • UHF GEN 2 RFID Reader

  • Bluetooth Wireless

  • Supports Windows, Android, iOS and Windows CE

  • High Reading Performance

  • Extremely Lightweight

  • Available at different frequencies for use in different countries

  • Made in Korea

DOTR-900S vs DOTR-900 Comparison
  • Superior Reading Performance designed for dense tag environments

  • Longer Reading Range

  • Faster Reading Speed

Reading Range:

Reading Speed:

Battery Life:

See the DOTR-900S in Action 
Jewelry Stocktake with DOTR-900S

This is a demonstration on using DOTR-900S mobile RFID reader to perform an inventory stock-take in a jewellery environment set-up. Jewellery labels are from the SA series.

The R900S is capable of reading all the tagged jewelleries behind the glass display in a short time. All done wirelessly.

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